Rock That Uke: A Documentary by William Preston Robertson & Sean Anderson


"A rollicking anagnorisis of Ukulele Truth!"

Ethan Coen, Academy Award-winning
writer, director and producer

“Subtly hysterical, in the tender, hands-off way
that makes documentaries so precious!”

Marjorie Skinner,
Portland Mercury

“Charming and informative!”

David Cornelius,
DVD Talk

“It's nice to watch a documentary that doesn't
have me placing a shotgun to my head!”

Mark Bell, Film Threat


ROCK THAT UKE, a quirky, philosophical documentary about the ukulele


(a peek at human nature through a very tiny sound hole)


Directed by William Preston Robertson & Sean

with introductory voice narration by Holly Hunter


Featuring Carmaig de Forest, Songs From a Random House, Janet Klein, Ukefink,
Robert Armstrong, Travis Harrelson, Oliver Brown, Heinous Rynes, Uke Til U Puke, The Haoles,
Williwaw, Frank Novicki, Robert Wheeler, King Kukulele, Pineapple Princess, The Rumble Pups,
and Ian Whitcomb













Arty photo of a naked guy lying on his side in a fetal position while hiding his face behind a ukulele

The ukulele.
It’s more than a tiny musical instrument.
It’s a state of mind…
















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