Frank Döring's RTU Portraits

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Frank Döring's RTU Portraits

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Bar composed of Frank's pictures

The exquisite black and white photographic portraits of Rock That Uke artists that play like a slide-show during the documentary's closing credits, and which are frequently used in press coverage of RTU as well as on this website, were taken by photographer Frank Döring. People who met us during the production phase, when we were traveling around the country shooting interviews, will remember Frank as the tall, dark, handsome one with the German accent.

At the time we met him, Frank was a college philosophy professor who had recently "left the academy" to pursue his passion for large-format black-and-white photography. In talking to him about our project, he became intrigued enough by it to want to go along with us on an interview. From there, Frank was hooked--and Metaphysics' loss became Ukuleledom's gain (that's not the first time we've had a reason to say that, and probably not the last). In addition to documenting most of our interview subjects through his own lens, Frank pitched in with lighting, gaffing, gripping, driving, interstate highway cartographic analyses and being a sounding board and source of encouragement during the project's early stages.

Frank has a website of his own that features, among other work, a special page of his Rock That Uke portraits at Once you've gandered the gallery of ukulele artists, we recommend you explore the entire site, which is a breathtaking visual feast. And to those of you always on the lookout for practical applications of eyecrossing in everyday life (beyond simply bringing merriment to observers, we mean), be sure to check out Frank's 3-D photographs. Frank is also included in the Work Pals area of our "Behind the Scenes" page.

(Note: Frank is not the photographer of the "naked uke guy" image we use as our logo. That little bit of magic is the work of another very fine photographer, Meleda Wegner, who took the picture of John Derevlany from Uke Til U Puke back in the early 1990s in New York City.)